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Michael Wilkinson
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Michael Wilkinson
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In 1979, Michael Wilkinson moved from California to New York in order to take his life-long love of art to a new level. Leaving a career in architecture in Carmel, California, Wilkinson moved east with hopes of making sculpture his profession. It was in 1985, in those early years of experimentation that Wilkinson, who had until then worked uniquely in bronze, was introduced to the young medium of cast acrylic. Although developed in the late 1800's, acrylic was not available to the figurative sculptor until the early 1980's. Before that time, artists such as Louise Nevelson and Alexander Calder used acrylic in a constructionist manner cutting and gluing forms to create their works. With the advent of new molding technology significantly increasing interest in acrylic by a broader spectrum of artists, it soon became the medium of choice to a handful of figurative sculptors seeking to communicate complex themes incorporating realism with their art. Unlike the traditional, these acrylic sculptures have no beginning and no end; no back and no front. They are viewed in a new way; studied and observed in their entirety from the inside and the outside. Working for nearly a decade in optically clear acrylic material, Wilkinson constantly expands his talents to sculpt "light" in original ways. He has advanced the art form into unique patterns of optical illusion and captured our attention both aesthetically and emotionally

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